Dear Snowy,

You have grown up to be such an amazing dog. I remember 5 years ago, we brought home a tiny white fluff. You were adorable, but still unsure of yourself and shaking… you wanted to hide! I think all of us fell in love with you right then. Seeing you grow into an intelligent, confident and loving dog was such a pleasure.

You were smart and a quick learner and became the star student in every training class you took. You soon became a show champion – I knew you would, because you were stunning. But what made me even more proud was when you became a certified therapy dog. I really love seeing seniors and disabled people get so much joy out of your visit. They never remember my name, but they always remember yours! I love seeing their eyes light up and call your name when we walk in to the building saying “Hi Snowy!”

We traveled a lot too. Remember when I got a job in Camp Zama and we flew on the airplane to live in Japan? We met lots of Japanese White Shepherds and we even participated in their very first White Shepherd Show that we helped organize. You were an excellent ambassador for the breed.

When the devastating earthquake destroyed nuclear power plants, and there was a possibility of nuclear disaster, I was afraid that the airline would not let you fly with me…They always send people first and animals would only fly “if space were available”–and you were a pretty big girl needing a big space! So I went ahead and flew you back to safety in the US. Although I had to go back to finish my work in Japan (we did not have to evacuate), knowing you were safe made me feel at ease. It was a long 6 months without you, but when I finally completed my work in Japan and came home, you were so happy to see me. You looked at me with your gentle and trusting eyes, like you knew everything was going to be ok.

Thank you for giving us so much joy and happiness. We love you so much. You are truly amazing!


Breed: White Shepherd


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