Dear Sarge,

Words can’t explain how much I love you and how much you mean to me, but I will try.

Just thinking about how much I love you makes my head start to hurt and my throat gets tight trying to hold back the tears of love that flow for you. I am so lucky to have such a great dog for my first dog. I felt like I waited a life time for you. You are my first and only true love, my best friend and of course my precious baby boy. Sometimes I just look at you and all I can think about is how perfect you are–from the spots on your nose to your extremely cute, hairy paws. You mesmerize me with your icy blue eyes, the softness of your velvet ears and the silky hair on top of your head. Your sweet happy smile and beautiful coat along with your sweet, friendly, silly personality makes you my perfect boy. You are the dog I always wanted and dreamed of, even with your stubborn and crazy ways. I love how much you love me and everyone you see and meet. I love how you look at me and tilt your head and slowly move in and give me the sweets little kiss. You can always make me laugh with your beautiful, goofy smile and other facial expressions. I could just sit and watch you all day–whether you’re awake or running in your dreams making the cutest little sounds. I always hope you have nothing but sweet dreams.

Taking you places is so much fun and slightly nerve racking at the same time. We both love the dog park, but I can’t help but to be nervous. I’m so afraid another dog will be mean to you. I just want to protect you and always keep you safe. Every day on this adventure together I seem to get even more protective because I love you so much. You made my life better, you gave me a purpose and you give me so much love everyday–especially when I come home from work. You’re always right there waiting for me at the doorway. You have given me so much and I want to do the same for you. I want you to have the greatest life and that is what I strive to do each and everyday. I want to be worthy of your love and devotion to me. I will spoil you with treats and lots of toys and big soft beds because you deserve it. I have no idea what life was like for you before you came home with me but now I know you have all you need and me.

The day I brought you home from the shelter was the greatest decision I ever made. I rescued you and you rescued me, too! I’m so proud of you and proud to be your mom. I hope you know how much I love you. I know I tell you almost 50 times a day and you put up with the hundred kisses I give you. The best feeling ever is my lips against your soft silky cheek, temple and the top of your head. Oh how I just love to lay behind you and put my arm around you and give you belly rubs as I kiss the top of your head. I love how you follow me around the house and never let me out of your sight. I feel so loved! You even stop eating to run and check on me. It is all so sweet! How you lay on the bathroom floor waiting patiently for me get out of the shower and the way you lay under my legs when I sit to blow dry my hair. Your loyalty and love me makes me feel so special and happy. So sweet you are! Even at your Grandparents house, you could be playing tug with your Grandpa in the living room yet you lay on the kitchen floor with me when I’m at the table. You get so upset and cry at the bottom of the steps if I go up and can’t follow me.

No matter where I go, I will always be back for you. So many memories we have made already and many more to come. Thank you Sarge for everything! You are truly an angel disguised in fur. You are my world! I love you so much I can’t stand it!


Breed: Husky/Akita mix (Huskita)


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