Dear Quinn,

I am so thankful you trusted me to share your life. It is not easy to trust humans when you are passed from home to home in the first few months of your life. Fate works its magic all the time and your companionship and love were proof of that gift. You challenged me every day with your dominant ways, but tempered it with the gift of play. You never let me forget to play each and every day. That is the most important lesson we can learn from our pets. You will never know how important that was to me, especially when my role as caregiver to my elderly parents takes its toll on me. I miss you so very much. I now realize that you spent the last few weeks saying goodbye in your own special way– laying next to my bed half the night and the other half laying next to your canine friend, “Kira.” A truly amazing gesture of love. It is so very quiet without your boisterous presence, but you will never be forgotten. You fought hard against the cancer and God gave us an extra year together. That gift is one I will always cherish. I love you and wait for the night you visit me in my dreams, showing me that you are at peace in heaven.

Breed: Samoyed Mix


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