Dear Orbit,

There are not enough words to tell you how much you mean to me. Nothing compares to the joy you bring to my heart–you are my alarm clock each and every day. From dawn to dusk you stay by my side, loyal, fun-filled with a personality that is unmatched. Clever and so full of life all these years. Now in the senior years of your life, we share special days– even now that your beautiful black eyes have lost their sight you still try to be just as you were before. I marvel how you get around still playing with all your very favorite toys, especially your purple fuzzy dog which is actually an elephant. Tossing him up in the air then rolling over and over, just having a great time on the carpet. Weekends at the beach house laying in the sun listening to the water in the bay knowing how much you enjoyed just relaxing brought a smile to my face and joy in my heart. You are my dear sweet pup and I love you from the day Steve brought you to me. I love you Orbie , know you are loved and will always be Mr. Man to me.

Breed: Mini Schnauzer


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