Dear Max,

You are my fourth Schnauzer and I have loved you all differently, and without a doubt with all my love. But you have loved be back differently than my other wonderful dogs. You have bolstered me through loneliness, heartbreak and sickness. You are only eight years old and are dying of cancer, and I will not have you here with me in a couple of months. I won’t feel you next to me in bed at night, I won’t feel you staring at me to get me to feed you, or batting me with with your paw to get a foot massage. I will no longer walk with you on the beach, where you always have the biggest smile on your face and run around like a wild man–especially if you find a stick or get to swim with me. I will miss the look of love in your eyes and your hugs and baby kisses on my cheek. I can be here for you now and love you to the end. I will miss you very much. With all my love, may you go peacefully in your sleep next to me.

Breed: Schnauzer

Posted by Anita Orlando


  1. Stephanie McCurry says:

    I pray for both of you and may peace be with you and your handsome Max!

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