Dear Lucy,

How can I put my thoughts into words? A horrible person dumped you on the streets and we are so lucky that a friend chose to save you and find a home for you. When you became ours, our world changed. I immediately knew you were meant to be ours and the panic I felt when we found out you had a registered microchip is indescribable. I couldn’t handle being in the vet’s room, waiting for news that your owner wanted you back. It had been three weeks since you were found starving on the streets. No shelters had been contacted, no lost dog posters were posted–surely this person wouldn’t want you back. When I had to leave the room, I paced outside, fear gripping my heart, thinking about having to say goodbye. When the owner couldn’t be contacted, I still couldn’t find relief. We called your owner and left a message about how we had you and wanted to keep you, and I still couldn’t relax. When we tried calling again that night, only to be hung up on twice, I became angry. When we called again and the phone was disconnected, I knew the person on the other end was a coward. Someone had dumped you, obviously forgetting about the microchip and your connection to her. Over the next two weeks, we had to anxiously wait to make sure the previous owner did not change her mind and want you back. At the end of the two weeks, I called the vet and we were back, picking up a letter stating we were your new owners. As the wave of relief washed over me, it took all of my strength not to cry. You were finally ours, no ifs, ands, or buts. In the beginning, you needed rescued, but in the end, you rescued us. You have brought a joy to our hearts that can only be filled by a dog. You are our little Valentine and we love you so much.

Mom and Dad

Breed: Boston Terrier Rottweiler


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