Dear Doc,

When we got you (after a year of me begging your ‘dad’ for a second dog), I had no idea that you would be more work than your ‘sister’ Pailie. You tried our patience, staring at us with that adorable face convincing us that you were just trying to please us.

You turned 1 and developed allergies to everything foods and environmental. People were sure we wouldn’t spend the money for the tests and treatment, but we did without batting an eye. The vet told us most people would have put their dog down by now–but you were only 2, you were young, and you finished off us as a family. Your dad promised to devote all the money you needed to get better and I promised to take the best care of you that I could to keep you comfortable.

Its been 2.5 years and we brought in specialty grass for you, got rid of all of the chemicals in the house, bought you an air purifier and have provided you with more love than you could ever need.

We will not stop until you tell us your life has been blessed with us as your parents, Pailie as your sister, and that you have loved every adventure.

We are committed to helping you with your allergies no matter what it takes… we know how much you love us, we see it in every wag!!

Julie (& Mike and Pailie)

Breed: Westie Schnauzer

Posted by Julie Boake


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