Dear Chorizo,

It has been 6 years since last we hugged, but it seems like yesterday. I remember you very well and can even feel you beside me from time to time. We spent 14 years together that were filled with lots of love, happiness and some sadness–sadness because you were sick most of your life. It seems we were always in the doctors office. You were so brave, so lady-like and so understanding. When we’d leave the doctor’s office, you would be so happy. You’d lick your mouth and give me eye contact to let me know it was okay. You loved me so much Chorizo, and I loved you. The day came when we knew we were losing you. Your daddy put you on my lap and you took one last breath and wagged your tail 3 times on your last breath. One for daddy, one for me, and one for you. October 14, 2007 was your last day with us, it was a Sunday at 2:30. Now it’s your ashes that keep us company when we need to be with you. You will always be loved, Chorizo. We miss you so much.

Love, your mommy

Breed: Shar-Pei/Chow


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