Dear Berto,

I am so grateful to have you waiting for me every day when I come home for work–even if I do yell at you a bit to stop barking. I know it’s just your way of telling me what happened during the day. I really appreciate the fact that you aren’t a drooler even though you are such a big dog–everyone always assumes a dog like you is a slobberer. You certainly have calmed down a lot from the time when Erin was just a 6th grader. While walking up the hill after work, she had to grab a big stick so that you wouldn’t flatten her with your overly enthusiastic greeting. She loves you too, but at the time you out-weighed her by 100lbs. Finally, you made me cry when I found the spots in the snow where you spent the day near Bobby cat near the quiet dry grassy place under the barn he found to spend his last day. He was so weak and sick when we found him and took him to the vet, but I felt a little better knowing you had spent the day with him. What a wonderful friend and companion you are.

Breed: Spanish Mastiff


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