Dear Bear,

It has been almost a week since you have left us and gone on to Heaven. I am imagining your smiling face and wagging tail looking down upon us.

When we found out you had cancer, we started to consider all the options available so that we could extend your life…and enrich ours. Unfortunately, you made this decision for us, by letting us know it was time for you to go.

As I watched you hang your head out of the car window for one last car ride…I remembered all you did for us over the years.

You stayed by my side when I couldn’t get out of bed when the man I loved walked out on us. When I was sick, it was your face I woke up to. When I had visitors over, you were the one who would barkingly disapprove. After long days at work, I knew I could always come home to you and your wagging tail. We took long walks along the greenway…you chased many squirrels…and even brought me a few bunnies that you proudly dropped at me feet. Dead. In the mornings you were our wake up call..plopping your 90lb body on top of the victim of the day..begging for breakfast. Even though you suffocated us with your kisses and love, we still laughed. The smiles and love you brought our family were priceless.

You will always be in my heart. I can never thank you enough for the self-less love you gave to me and my children. Thank you Bear for enriching my life and making it so much better.

I am sure there are many squirrels and bunnies in Heaven running now…because Heaven now has the best squirrel chaser.

Breed: Golden Retriever


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