Will our past dog reincarnate into our new dog?

Dear Louis and Sonya,

We had to put our 13 yr. old black cocker spaniel, Madison, (Maddi) down in Aug.  She was my shadow, my best friend and I miss her dearly.  Did she cross over?

I was so depressed, my husband suggested that we get another dog. Madison’s groomer does rescue, and we now have a white Akita mix.  She (Isis) seems to be adjusting to people, and my daughter’s two dogs are helping immensely.  We know that she had been in a terrible hording situation.

She seems to be happy here.  But she doesn’t seem to like my husband.  She growls at him when he talks to her.  It’s a low growl-not aggressive. Will she adjust to him?  Will Madison reincarnate into her?

Thank you very much for your time.


Dear Diane,

Maddi did cross over peacefully, and she’s talking to me right now.  What a gentle spirit she is! 

She would also like you to know that her energy already does enter into Isis’s body.  And as time goes on, you will see more and more of her personality in your new dog, Isis. 

When we pass from our worn out physical body, we are then in our energy light body and can move very freely between the physical and spiritual world.  Our energy is able to enter in to the physical form of another dog, and that’s what Madison is doing. 

Isis has her own personality.  She didn’t realize she could be this happy and wants to thank you for giving her such a wonderful home and life!  She tells me that she’s very good with people as well as other dogs.  She thinks that your husband is very kind to her and don’t worry too much about her little growl.  This is her way of responding to him.  I would suggest you get him to walk her – just the 2 of them together.  And feed her from time to time, so they have some special time together, one to one.

Madison and I are going off to play together in the beautiful green meadow with all our friends.  Soon, she’ll be visiting with all of you, her wonderful family.  She’s saying that dog’s life is the best life, when they’re with people with love them – and how they are both loved!  Both Madison and Isis are agreeing on this. 

Eventually, Madison will reside in Isis.  But this takes time, as she must get used to living in a physical body again. 

Love, love from Madison and me too!


Woof, woof!


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