“Kiss me, Doggie!” Personalized Dog Jewelry Giveaway

In honor of Valentine’s Day and the love we have for our canine companions, we want to see those sweet dog kisses! Tweet or Submit a photo of you kissing your canine love. One lucky dog-lover will receive a personalized doggie face keychain or pendant with your dog’s photo hand-etched in metal. This amazing giveaway will be designed and handmade by Karen Hazarian Jewelry. Check out some of Karen’s personalized designs below and on her Etsy site, you can even include a quote or part of a letter to your dog! We will be posting your photos all week. We will contact the randomly chosen giveaway recipient after the Valentine’s Day cheer! Happy Valentine’s Day! #AValentineToMyDog





  1. Mal H. says:

    I just did, hope you got it! *woof!

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