Dear Rani,

You are my soul mate and companion that makes life meaningful. You make me deeply happy and complete, and have shown me true love without words. You make a long, hard, stressful day suddenly melt away just by seeing your propeller tail when I get home. And you never fail to bring me one of your seventy toys and squeak it until I play with you.

I’ve had you since you were a puppy and 7 years later I just can’t remember life without you. Life hasn’t always been easy, but your love and companionship has been as constant as the Northern Star. Your little heartbeat at my feet every night when I go to sleep, and your sweet whimpers when you are dreaming are all I need in life.

I love you my Wani, Pinky, Edamame, Snow Pea. I feel so blessed to have experienced this depth of happiness with another soul, and this purity of love. If only everyone could know what it feels like to be the subject of your love, maybe the world would be a more peaceful place.

Your name means Queen in Hindi, and you own every couch, bed and chair we have. You are our guardian and angel even when you walk all over my flower bed, stare at me when I’m eating while dribbling two ponytails of spit on either side of your mouth, and ring your door bell excessively just when the movie has climaxed.

I will not know what to do without you baby dog, when you are ready to leave me– but until then, I treasure every wet kiss, nibble, sigh, bark, snuggle, and silent stare of yours.

I am blessed to know you.

I love you Edamame,
Your mummy.

Breed: Chocolate Labrador


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