Dear Pepper,

You came into my life when you were only about 5 weeks old and I couldn’t wait for you to reach 8 weeks old when I could bring you home. The weeks crawled by and I couldn’t stand it any longer…I sent your new Dad to pick you up 3 days early! Luckily your 1st Mom & Dad just laughed at me but said you were ready to leave and go to your new home. I was at work (pulling 12 hr shifts) and wouldn’t be home till almost 8pm but I finally made it home and there you were…the cutest little boy in the world! You have been at my side every day since and I love you so much! You make me laugh & smile and the way you play your “happy song” on your stuffed jack toy when I come in just touches my heart! You don’t play it for any one but your Mom! You’re so special to me…you have stolen my heart and I love you so much!

Breed: Dachshund


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