Dear Molly,

Little did I know that seven years ago I would “fall in love” with a dog. You came to us with the name of Molly, but I have given you others along the way–Molly GooGoo, Molly Jean the Dachshund Queen and Molly 2 Socks. I thank you for being there at the end of a long day and greeting me like I’ve been away forever. You are the best therapy I will ever need. You also have managed to bring out the little girl in me, someone that has been gone for a long time now. My life has been so enriched by the love for and from a dog.

We just got you a little brother. His name is Bo, and I think you two are going to get along fine. He’s a Yorkie mix. I love the dachshund breed and would have gotten another one, but I’m afraid that there will only be one in my heart….my wonderful Molly! Love you Molly GooGoo!


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