Dear Misty,

My love ….my joy …..the happiness to my soul. I could not be more grateful in this world to share my life with you. You keep me strong and happy when times are tough. You comfort me when I’m scared , you sit by my side when my eyes are wet and never leave my side when I am ill. My love Misty, you are an old friend , my companion…my sweet heart…you are the carer of my heart. Darling you will never know how much you mean to my life, without you I’d be lost. If you could talk I’d spend the whole day telling you what an impact you made on my life. I thought I’d never smile or love, even be happy again after my mom died, but there you came along with your lil’ paws and puppy love, and you changed that . You gave me a reason for living and continue to inspire my life with your love. Misty I’d never ask for another dog to share my love with. Thank you for your love , friendship and loyalty. I love you sunshine.

Breed: Border Collie Mix
Posted by stephanie govender


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