Dear Mia,

We are travelling thousands of miles cross-country when I write this and I want to thank you. You are my only travel companion, and in the very limited space of the truck cab, we are in close vicinity of each other through the four-day drive. I keep a water bowl on the passenger side floor which you sip from, your front legs on the floor and skilfully keeping your back legs on the seat with your tail in the air. As much as a dog can be an excellent companion, this is the companion you make, dear sweet Mia, as you sit staring quietly, most likely from boredom, out the front windshield or your side window, watching fields whiz by. I have observed you yawn, stretch and nap but also perk up with interest when I point out the window and say “cow” but then chuckle when you begin to whimper softly at the distant forms you most likely think are other dogs. You look up at me with doleful eyes as you lay your head right next to my thigh, making me feel the warmth of your breath. You sleep on your side, curled up or with your head hanging over the seat in midair. When we make brief stops so that we can both stretch our legs, the connection is there as I let you out and you run unleashed onto the vast unknown territories we end up at, wherever that may be, then respond swiftly to my “Mia come!” command and hop back up in the truck when it’s time to get going again. You are silent, patient, calm, playful and a joy. I smile but am puzzled when you stare straight at me for no apparent reason. I never know what it is you would possibly like to say to me. I guess maybe with time, I may be able to read you better, but right now, I am clueless, so I just smile back at you in thanks as I dig my fingers in your thick neck fur because that is such an unexpectedly delicious spot to dig my fingers in.

We have only known each other 6 months, you and I, but we are tight, we are friends and you are my companion. In you, I have found a good dog.

Breed: Golden Retriever/Husky mix


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