Dear Lexi,

I want to say thank you for finding me that day in the shelter. It was my first time volunteering at the local shelter and everybody working there was in a big circle around what appeared to be an old cardboard box. There were five cold, hungry, and squirmy puppies in there – yet you were the first one I saw. You looked at me with those big green eyes & for the first time in a long time my heart felt full again. I scooped you up and put you inside my jacket to keep you warm and you nestled your head against my chest and was asleep in minutes. Your grandma was there too & she she saw what was happening. At first she wasn’t pleased because she wasn’t sure if we were ready to move on from the loss of our previous dog, Shelby. It was too late though, we were attached. I went to the shelter every other day to see you and hold you. I made a promise to you that you were going to have a forever home. I filled out the papers and home we went. A few short days after arriving home – you began to lose your hair. We went to the vet & found you had an extreme case of demodex mange. I made another promise to you that I would do anything to make you better again. After, 100 baths, 60 days of special medicine, and 2 dips later – you were as fluffy as can be. You are so beautiful inside and out and you have made me such a better person. I forgot to mention the day we went home I promised to help your friends at the shelter find homes too. I continue to be active and a supporter of No Kill Shelters in your name Lexi, because without you – I do not think I would of believed one person could make a difference, but now I do because you showed me.

I love you with all my heart,

Breed: Mix


  1. Angie says:

    What a wonderful story!!

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