Dear Indiana Jones (Indy),

You are THE BEST gift I have ever been given. You came into my life when I was struggling with my health after a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. Your dad thought you would help me cope. He had no idea how right he was. You’ve been by my side every moment since, keeping me company through chemo, steroids and everything in between, lying in bed beside me when I’ve been too sick to get up. You’ve traveled with me in the good times, sharing adventures in the wilds. You’ve alerted me to intruders and kept me safe, and you’ve made me laugh almost daily. In the last 6 months, you have been a lifeline for me, in the wake of your dad’s cancer diagnosis and surgery, the financial struggles, and my diagnosis being changed from MS to NMO, which is far more serious and scary. You’ve comforted me and let me cry in your fur. A month ago, when I came home from a meeting to find the house empty and discovered you and dad were at the emergency vet because you’d been viciously attacked by a pitbull, I was terrified for you and heartbroken. I am so sorry you were injured. I think your dad saved your life. It could have been so much worse and I will always be grateful it was not. I am also grateful that experience, as traumatic as it was, did not change you. We’ve been through so much together in the last 5 years. (Hard to believe you will be FIVE in 3 weeks!) We’ve had such good times and bad, but through it all, you are my rock and my constant. I get through every day, whatever it brings because you love me through it. You will always and forever be my heart walking around on four furry legs. There is no greater love than between a girl and her dog. You are my most trusted friend and I love you .

Breed: Black Lab (The BEST!)

Posted by Lelainia Lloyd


  1. Indy, is a beauty and obviously been a best friend to you! Love the
    picture … :-)

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