Dear Imogene,

I could not have imagined what I was getting myself into when I spontaneously said “yes” to adopting you. Your name was Sally– cute, but not your style. I was in Vermont at the time, on a ski trip. Prior to the trip, I had not been in the best of spirits as I felt a void in my life. When I heard about you, I thought that a dog was the answer. Against everyone’s advice, I proceeded with taking you in. When I picked you up, you were eating Cheetos and sipping on cherry Coke off the concrete. On top of that, I must admit that I thought you looked like a weasel. You had a tiny head and a long body. Little did I know, you would fill out the latter as your days with me progressed. When I took you to meet the grandparents, guess what they said– “She looks like a weasel!” Well, weasels need love, too, and boy have you received a lot of it!

You pooped in my bed the first night I had you and made me late to my first day at my then new job by taking a bonus poop in the floor along my poorly lit walking path, but I loved you regardless. Never did I question my decision to take you on as a companion. You let me know my husband was a good man by accepting him at first meeting; you were patient with me during times of distress; you listened to me when you knew it was most important and you have given companionship when I most desperately needed it.

You don’t always snuggle me when I’m upset, you don’t come to me half of the time when I call for you, you don’t acknowledge when I’m yelling at you to stop barking, but all that is forgotten when you seek me out to comfort you when you need it. You know I am here for you and as strong as you try to be at times, you know your mom will be there for you when you most need it. I have made several significant life decisions with you in mind and I thank you for that. You have been with me through everything that has happened in our years together and you have not changed a bit and that is what I love most about you. You are my beautiful mess, Imo.

Breed: Jack Russell


  1. ryan says:

    That is beautiful and loving!

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