Dear Charlotte,

I just wanna say mummy loves you. I know you were treated badly before we met. Your xrays and your fear of feet and loud noises when you first arrived proved it.

It brings me so much joy to know you will tolerate a little rub by my foot occasionally now, and when there are fireworks you don’t run and hide, but go outside and tell them off.

I don’t love how you tease and scare kids and how you chase the cats when I leave the house. And if given half the chance–take yourself for a walk down the street on a main bus route when you have no road sense, but I know that’s all part of your personality that makes you such a tough little monkey.

When you got sick and needed to go to the hospital it made me so sick with anxiety, I couldn’t do anything but worry for weeks. I’m so incredibly happy you are back to your cheeky, naughty little self and I promise to always do everything I can to make you happy and keep you well.

You were the best 21st prezzie ever and I love you so very much.

P.S. It drives daddy mad when you yap at him, wag your tail
and attack your toys straight after he growls you for peeing
on the floor.

Breed: Pekingese

Posted by Alicia


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