10 Reasons Dogs Make the Best Valentines

Whether you’ve got a (human) sweetheart or not this February 14th, we all know the doggone truth: dogs make the best valentines! Read our Top 10 reasons why, and then tell us what makes your dog is the perfect valentine!

10. A dog never complains when you want to spend the night on the couch in sweatpants watching a New Girl marathon.

9. What five pound weight gain? Your dog didn’t notice– or say anything when you sucked in your stomach on the scale.

8. Not only does your dog not mind eating leftovers, he actually prefers it.

7. You don’t have to be self-conscious about needing a pedicure when a dog licks your toes.

6. Your morning breath is never going to be as bad as your dog’s.

5. Your big, strong dog makes you feel safer than any alarm system.

4. Your dog will happily listen to you complain about your boss/mother/ex/wardrobe for the millionth time.

3. Your dog doesn’t judge you for needing to slow down and take a breather on your run together; he’s just happy to spend time with you.

2. Dogs don’t steal the blankets at night. They do, however, fart in bed– so consider yourself warned!

1. No one in the universe loves you more than your dog.

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