Was it the right time to put my beloved Yorkie down?

Dear Louis and Sonya,

I just had to put my beloved Yorkie, Sadie, to sleep at 10 1/2 years of age. She was suffering from diabetes and cushing’s disease.  Making the decision was the hardest thing I had to do.  I didn’t want her to suffer, but I didn’t want to do it too soon either. It’s so hard with animals since they can’t tell you what they are feeling or when they are in pain.

I want to know if it was the right time? Was the journey home peaceful? Will I see you again?

You are missed so much! All my love precious angel!


Dear Dacri,

Your dear beloved Sadie, looks just like me, and what a beautiful soul she is!  Our souls are just falling in love. 

She is telling me that you helped her cross over, and the timing was absolutely right for her.  She was happy to leave her worn out body.

And she tells me she had the most beautiful mother – not only beautiful on the outside, but on the inside well.  And you made her life so happy.  She loved her soft, pink blanket that she laid on. 

Also, there was another dog that came in spirit that came to take her over to the other side.  She had a peaceful transition – meaning she went out of her body quite peacefully. 

She sends love and kisses to you.  And she wants you to know that now she can go anywhere she wishes with you…  In the car, to restaurants, and she even enjoys shopping with you. 

And yes, yes, you will see her again.  Your souls have been together many times in lifetimes before.  She understands how hard it is for you to learn how to live without her physical body, but remember she’s only a thought away.

Love and Kisses from her to you.

Also, love from me!


Woof, woof!


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