Suryia & Roscoe: The Unlikely Friendship Between An Orangutan & A Hound Dog

Suryia the orangutan was so depressed after losing his parents that he wouldn’t eat and didn’t respond to any medical treatments. Veterinarians were even worried that he would die from sadness. But that all changed the day Suryia met a homeless hound dog named Roscoe.

The best friends met four years ago when Roscoe followed employees from The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species (TIGERS) in Myrtle Beach as they walked home. The hound was spotted by the orangutan who immediately went over to Roscoe to make friends. The two lost souls have been inseparable ever since.

Dr Bhagavan Antle, the reserve’s founder, said, “Roscoe looked really thin and a little lost so we fed him and took care of him. He followed us through the gate and ran over and found Suryia. As soon as he saw Roscoe, Suryia ran over to him and they started playing.”

“Dogs are usually scared of primates, but they took to each other straight away. We made a few calls to see if he belonged to anyone and when no one came forward, Roscoe ended up staying.”

The unlikely duo just released a picture book capturing their unique friendship called Suryia And Roscoe  available on Amazon.comRead more at The Daily Mail.


  1. Monique Duphil says:

    Friendship seems to be a natural feeling between 2 or more animals when
    they don’t feel threatened. Hopefully it would be the same with humans…

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