Mark Nepo’s Touching Tribute to Mira


Our friend, best-selling author, poet and philosopher Mark Nepo and his wife Susan, sent us this touching poem dedicated to their dog-child, Mira. Thanks for letting us share your beautiful words, Mark!

The Deeper Chance

Mira is our dog-child.
And though we held her as a pup,
she has a need to be held
that comes from beyond us.
And though I sat with her
when she was the size of a loaf of bread,
sat on the kitchen floor staring into
each other’s eyes, she has a need to stare
that comes from a place beneath
the awkwardness of humans.

These days, she seems, at moments,
a furry naked thing that never looks away.

Now, I understand: God made the animals
as raw breathing elements, each closer
in their way to one aspect of being.

And that the friction of time on earth
might have its chance to make us wise,
God made the animals speechless.

We’ve learned that Mira in Spanish
means to look. And lately, she licks us
awake and stares deep into us, as if to say,
Get up. Don’t look away. Admit
you need to be held.


  1. Lovely poem. I know the love is real, too. Love the line about God making the animals speechless.

  2. Kat F Villa says:

    Such a beautiful dog and tribute….

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