Does my dog understand what I’m saying?

Dear Sonya and Louis,

Does Herc really know what I am saying to him?


Dear Jennifer,

Herc is one happy dog!  He tells me that you talk to him all the time, and he loves it when you speak to him face to face or from the bathroom or the kitchen. 

Although their language is silent, we are also speaking their language without realizing it, and he does understand most of what you are saying.  Animals feel your emotions and can sense it on a very high level.  They learn much about verbal language as they live with us, but at the same time, you are putting out telepathic communication too – even though humans don’t usually realize it.  

For a book I’ve written on communicating with animals, check out my website at:

It’s called “Cat Talk” and it tells you how to talk to animals and receive their language back.


Louis & Sonya


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