Dear Tippy,

As you slowly crawled out of the pocket of Dad’s leather jacket I knew you were for me. With those big brown eyes staring at me as you stretched your paws out to me. I knew from that moment I would protect you the best I could. You would be my baby, my best friend, and most importantly, my partner in crime.

You were a shy puppy, but after 12 years of love from the family, you have grown into a demanding little man who loves nothing more than to have a nap underneath his pink blankie. You used to be so subtle in begging for treats, and now it seems that you feel like you’re human enough to eat my dinner as well. Although I may get angry at the time, it is quite funny to see you sneak food off my plate when I’m not looking.

You know that I spoil you and I know that I am probably the reason you are so cheeky. But I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t love your manly little charm. Everyone loves cuddles from you, and whenever I run into an old friend, they always ask how you are going.

You have always been there for me when I needed a paw to hold and someone to lick away my tears. The times I did not have the strength to leave the house, or even get out of bed, you would simply lay next to me and snuggle in close. You gave me the strength I needed to continue and slowly, each day, you would get me up, even if it was just to take you for a walk or let you out for a poop.

I need to apologize to you my precious boy. I have been away a lot lately travelling to and from college to pursue my dreams. I know you hate the sound of the suitcase being dragged down the hall when I’m about to leave. I know I wasn’t there when those other big dogs attacked you. How scared you must have been. But I promise that I love you, truly and completely. No matter how far away I may be, you are not far from my mind. Everyone knows you’re my main man, and nothing will change the special place that you hold in my heart.

I love you forever, my Tippysaurusrex.

Love Meg

Breed: Tenterfield Terrier X


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