Dear Teddy,

It’s now been 14 years since we first met and I’ll never forget when we first went to the humane society to pick out our new dog and saw you. Amidst all the noisily barking dogs in their kennels there you stood, quietly taking it all in. I came to say hello to you and you gently licked my hand, as if you already knew you were mine. While we left that day without you, a few weeks later I came home from my first semester in college and there you were, big red bow on your plastic-cone ensconced head – the best Christmas present our family ever got.

Every day since we’ve relished in your silly personality – from sneaking Christmas cookies at every chance you got, to happily sleeping in the snow, to your crazy dog dance, everything you did brought joy to our home. Though your regal Chow-ness never did see fit to learn fetch or roll over, you impressed people with your smarts – your ability to say the “magic word” when it was time for a walk, or play “pick the hand” when it came time for treats.

You’re 15 1/2 now, and I know we’re on borrowed time. Each day we wake up and still have you is a gift – just as every day before has been. We’re so lucky to have such an awesome dog, and I can only hope you get enough pettins’ and cookies from us to understand how much you mean to us! I love you Teddy Bear!

Breed: Lab-Chow


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