Dear Sassy,


On a cold February day some years ago, you were brought to our home. Your previous family decided you were less than desirable so therefore disposable. If we would not take you in, your car ride would end that day at the local shelter. Your weight of under 2 pounds belied the fact you were full grown. Your little ribs were all clearly visible, attached to a backbone which protruded 1/2 inch all along its length. You were such a tiny and fragile little girl who simply had gone too long without adequate food. Seems your brother always beat you to the bowl.

There was such a look of hope in your golden eyes! Hope for acceptance, for a better life was so evident in your gaze. Your eyes also held the promise of unconditional love should you just be given the chance. We were more than willing to take that chance and our lives have changed for the better ever since.

You quickly learned that there was always fresh food and water so you didn’t need to gobble up all the dish held. Your gratitude was expressed in the kisses you gave. Soon your weight began to climb to what was appropriate for a little girl of your breed. Good nutritious food also made your dapple coat really shine. You began to blossom right before our eyes. And your outward beauty was matched by your new spunk and zest for life. Joy always followed in your wake.

And the joy you provide has been as constant as the sun rising on each new day. Though we may call you a ‘bed slug’ for your penchant of burrowing under the covers, it’s said with fondness. You provide as much comfort as you take, even when you take up more than your share of the bed.

We have noticed the grey which now fills your muzzle but find that age certainly hasn’t slowed you down. You still bound across the yard in your quest to chase away any rabbits which have invaded your territory. Please know that I was just joking when I’d told you the rabbits laughed at your efforts. And you always clear out any interloper so you can enjoy basking in the sunshine without being disturbed.

So thank you, our precious Sassy Dog! You have a firm place in our lives and in our hearts. May we all live happily ever after.
Breed: Mini-Doxie


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