Dear Rex,

I really wasn’t ready for another pet the day I saw you at a pet adoption center. My dog, Millie, had just passed away after 15 1/2 years and I was devastated. A friend took me on a surprise trip to get my mind off of my loss. One look at you and my heart was captured. You had waited three months for me to come and rescue you. I still wasn’t sure until I realized that you would not go to anyone but me, and on that day my life would change forever. I bought a collar and leash and off we went on our adventure. You had been abused and didn’t really trust anyone and that was the reason you had been with the center so long–but you could tell that I would really love you. You have been my best friend and companion for the last four years. You are so funny and make me laugh everyday. When I took you to your first visit with Dr. E. he summed it up completely when he saw you. He said “Millie must be looking down on you because she picked out a perfect replacement for herself.” That totally says it all. Your love is unconditional. Thank you, Rex, for really picking me from the crowd to be your Mom. Since I have no children, you are my child and I will love you forever. You are a real hoot when you put on your sweater and sunglasses for our road trips. You just love that wind in your face. Get your sunglasses buddy and let’s roll!

Your Mom
Breed: Cairn Terrier


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