Dear Rainey,

Not wanting or needing another dog was my thought. Yet when Riley (my other dog) would not leave your foster home without you…I thought you could come for a sleepover. 5 Years later and you are still sleeping over. I want to thank the person who threw you away in a dumpster. Thank them for all I have received: you were scared – of most everything – submissive, fearful, snapped at people and dogs because of it. You ate in under 5 seconds flat and had suffered physically. Yet today you are comical, loving, the best cuddler, can rock a sweater, love to do tricks, can always find the best spots at the park, make a great wingman, are always up for road trip – shotgun, of course! You are friends with cats, people and dogs now. You have the most incredible gaze and a need to connect that is endearing. You have let go of your past and have allowed me to offer you a future. So yes, I thank the person who threw you away and glad that I was the person able to catch you.
Breed: Dachshund/Chi Mix


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