Dear Maximus, my handsome boy, my little gentleman,

The day I walked into the shelter, I had wanted to find the perfect dog for daddy as a gift when he came home from Afghanistan and to keep me company while he was away. Little did I know you were meant for me. That day I had walked up and down all the aisles of the shelter, I loved all the dogs and wanted to take them all home, but there you were the only dog that wasn’t barking or jumping. Instead you were curled up in the corner of the kennel looking as if you had lost all hope and at that moment my heart broke for you. I asked to have you taken out so I could take a better look at you and they took us into a meeting room and you immediately jumped into my lap! (you were a big boy even for a pup). I wrapped my arms around you and you pushed yourself into my hug, right then I cupped your little face in my hands and I said you’re coming home with me and you never have to worry again, I will never leave you. The next day after a trip to the vets office you were ready to come home.

You have brought nothing but COMPLETE joy to my life, you have saved me from extreme loniness when daddy is away on deployments, always more than happy to cuddle, except and give back hugs, you have been my big protector with your courage, large manly bark and only barking when you need to. Your sweet tender eyes have so much love, your such an excellent calm boy and everyone loves your tempermant. Thank you for always following me everywhere..literally everywhere even to the bathroom, at least I know im never alone. You give Daddy, Grandma and Grandpa such relief to know I’m not alone. I always have a friend and a protector…you and I have a special bond that only some are blessed enough to encounter in their life time. You truly are my best friend Maximus aka my sweet little gentleman.

Breed: German shep mix


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