Dear Atlas,

When I first visited you at a Lucky Dog Animal Rescue event in October 2010, I asked you if you would mind a little traveling. You gave me a big lick, so I thought, ok. When we picked you up at your foster mom’s, you jumped in the car, sat in the back seat and looked at us as if to say “well, are we going?!” When we got home you made your way to the living room and settled in your bed, chewing on a bone we had put there for you. The next day you fetched the tennis ball I threw you. You also ate the Chinese chicken soup on the kitchen table that day. You must have known already our love would grow boundlessly.

In fact, since then, you have become my therapy dog, traveled the country and the world with me, which I have to do for work. You helped re-elect a [good] President–doubling the team numbers on field days. You have learned to be good with cats, and to catch footballs and Frisbees in the air. We swim together. We hike together. We run together. We smile together. You warm my feet at night. I cook you chicken and sweet potatoes. You cuddle with me on the couch during my sleepless memo writing nights. You relax when I read you letters humans wrote to their dogs. You bring me your bowl when you are hungry. You do the rounds at the office making sure everyone is all right on stressful days. You entertain the human pack at the dog park by running in fast circles daring your doggy friends to catch you. You show your teeth in friendly yet serious warning at men whistling at your mom. You sleep in human positions as if to say you are ready to graduate to humanhood. And so, so much more.

You see bud, your heart and dedication are beyond human-hood. You are extraordinary (and extraordinarily cool). You are the dog I have always wanted. If I were doggy god and could assemble a dog from scratch, it would look and act just like you. You are a living testimony to the fact that dogs like you should never be given 72 hours before being sent to the gas chamber to essentially pay for human lack of responsibility. You might be a lucky dog, Atlas, but I am surely a lucky human to have you in my life. Please live very long.



Breed: Lab/Shep/Carolina/Canaan Mix


  1. Nichole says:

    Very cool! I can totally relate, as this is much how I feel about my dog. She, too, is a lab/German shep mix (with some Finnish spitz thrown in there) and she is seriously the best dog ever.

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