Am I responsible for my dog’s death?

Dear Louis and Sonya,

My Chinese Shar Pei, Peanut, recently passed away suddenly.  Peanut is on the right in the photo. At the time there was much uncertainty and negativity in the house (relationship problems with my husband and myself). I had smudged our house with sage with all the windows open. Soon after the smudging Peanut collapsed and died. I am feeling like I may have been responsible for his death. I wonder if he is fine and happy in spirit.


Dear Sarah,

Please know, you are definitely not the cause of Peanut’s death! 

When the time comes for our animals’ souls to leave the body, the time is right.  And your beautiful Peanut has passed over to the beautiful spiritual realm. 

He is with you all the time and knows how troubled you are about his passing.  He wants to reassure you that you had nothing to do with his physical body’s death.  The time was right for his soul to go back home to the spirit world.  He wants you to know he is constantly around you and with you.  And he sends you lots of love!

Love and Woof, Woof!



  1. my ma and dad smudge me sometimes; i sneeze and pretend i don’t like it. :o) the sage helped ease his journey to the spirit world, without pulling uncertainty and negativity with him. see you at the rainbow bridge, peanut!

  2. S.G. says:

    Thank you Sonya, Louis and Winnie! I feel so much better now. Recently I had a dream about Peanut and he was surrounded by helpful spirits. My dream even included Sonya. Wonderful..I know now he is happy.

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