A Serenade to Rescues: Singer-Songwriter Nellie McKay Sings to Her Dog

Today, we’re enjoying this TED Talk video where Singer-Songwriter-Activist Nellie McKay Sings to Her Dog Carmello. Her lyrics “Just go right to the pound and find yourself a hound and make that doggie proud ’cause that’s what it’s all about” ring particular true to us dog-lovers!

On that note, as we celebrate a brand new year, we take a moment to reflect on some of the most heartwarming dog stories of 2012.

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1. Henry & Leo – Henry was on the “kill list” at an animal shelter when six-year old Leo and his mom decided to adopt him. Leo suffers from brain aneurysms and Henry has been a fighting force in his survival.


2. Rocky & Floyd – Rocky was awaiting adoption after being abused in his first home. After Floyd and his wife adopted Rocky, Rocky was always by Floyd’s side, including on his frequent rock hunting trips to the nearby canyons. Floyd suffered from irregular heartbeats and on one of the trips nearly died. Rocky was there to protect and save him.

3. Fiona & The Hagars – Fiona was found in the trash in Los Angeles and the Hagars helped to bring her back to life and even gave her the gift of sight. Her amazing story has since become a viral sensation!





4. Riley & Zak – Zak, a former marine, was hiking through an isolated desert in Utah when he spotted a dying puppy, clinging to life. Zak rescued the puppy and named him Riley. Riley, Zak and his wife now live happily together.





5. Angel & Emily – Angel was adopted by Emily from the Human Society and they have been inseparable ever since. One night when Emily fell, Angel ran to her daughter and alerted her to get help. Doctors believe Emily would have fallen into a coma had she not been helped.



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