5 Golden Globe Nominees Who Love Their Dogs

Who’s excited to curl up on the couch with their pooch tonight and watch The Golden Retrievers… er, oops!  We mean The Golden Globes on NBC?  Check out these five nominees we’re rooting for… because they’re dog lovers!

1.  Bradley Cooper & Charlotte

Bradley fell for his leading lady, a Chow/Retriever mix, when he first laid eyes on her at a Santa Monica shelter.  Think she knows she gets to curl up every night with a former Sexiest Man Alive?

2.  Jessica Chastain & Chaplin

Who will Jessica bring as her date tonight?  Perhaps Chaplin, her adorable three-legged rescue pup!

3.  Hugh Jackman and Dali

Hugh’s son Oscar named their French Bulldog after artist Salvadore Dali.

4.  Anne Hathaway & Esmerelda

If there’s one thing Anne likes better than taking on challenging roles, it’s going for walks with her beloved Esmerelda and her hubbie, Adam Shulman!

5.  Ewan McGregor & Sid
Ewan was so devastated to say good-bye to his canine co-star after shooting Beginners that he went right out to a shelter and adopted Sid.  Love at first sight!



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