Will we ever find our lost dog, Princess?

Dear Little Louis,

Please…  Can you tell us if Princess is still alive and if so, is she happy?  She has been missing since December 25, 2010.  Do you think we will ever find her and get her back home?


Dear Maria,

I am so very sorry that you lost your beloved Princess.  When your dog is lost, it is the most traumatic experience that a human companion can go through.  And you never stop looking for them.  But they live on in your hearts, and the memories stay on with you forever. 

Your beautiful Princess is over here with me now in the spiritual realm.  And what a character she is!  And I have to say, she’s a little bossy too!

She wants you to know that she spends a great deal of time with you at home, and she knows that you sense and feel her around. 

She would like you to know that when she passed on her physical body, it was very quick and painless. 

She loves it here in heaven – who wouldn’t!  Me too. It’s very beautiful, the colorful flowers, green trees, and beautiful meadows for us all to play in…  All of our souls are very happy.  We feel love and peace constantly. 

We also feel the love from all the people that we came into contact with in our previous lifetimes.  And there is no separation from any of you. 

She visits with you regularly and loves being a part being of your life still.  She’s already telling me what beautiful souls you are, and even though she knows you will never get over her, you’re still learning to live without her.  She’s also telling me she will reincarnate back to you in this lifetime.  She is a very strong personality! 

I have to sign off now as we are off to play with our soul doggie friends, who are all waiting for us in the beautiful meadow.

Much love,

From Princess and, of course, me too!

Woof, Woof!



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