Why does Max-E bark at our neighbor, and why does Sammy go crazy on walks?

Dear Louis and Sonya,

When we rescued our dog Max-E, he would growl at all men. He has gotten a lot better, but for some reason is really bothered by our neighbor — barking and growling at him — and he is so focused on him he won’t stop.

If anyone else comes up to the fence, I can whistle and he will come right in. I would just like to know what it is about this guy that bothers him so much?

Also, my dog Sammy gets a little crazy when we go for walks, and he sees another dog. I think he just wants to go up to them, but he gets so crazy that we get funny looks from the other person walking their dog. Occasionally, Sammy will take his frustration out on Max-E, and I have to break them apart, hoping I won’t get hurt by accident.

I would just like to know what they are going through or thinking when these things happen.

Thank You,


Dear Janet,

Max-E tells me he growls at all men.  And the man that lives next door reminds him of a man from the past that had been cruel to him.  He doesn’t like the sense of him, and he doesn’t like the look of him.  That’s why he reacts the way that he does. 

As for Sammy going a little crazy, he’s the Alpha dog and bossy!  And also, he is a little jealous of Max-E sometimes…

Always make sure that if you pet one, pet the other at the same time.  If you buy new collars make sure they both have the same.  Even if you speak to Max-E make sure at the same time you speak to Sammy.  And when you walk with the leashes, don’t switch them, always give them the same one. 

I have to admit, I do like your dogs.  They do love each other they tell me.  And don’t forget, people have disagreements too – they’re not the only ones! 

Love and Woof, Woof!



  1. Janet says:

    Thank you so much Louis and Sonya for your comment. We are keeping an extra eye out for Max-E when the neighbor is outside and what you said about Sammy makes so much sense. We are making an extra effort to give him some extra special attention.

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