Was our Chessie scared when he passed away?

Dear Louis and Sonya,

We had to put our Chessie, Barney, down a couple of weeks ago.  We took him to the vet on a Saturday, and on Monday, they discovered he had cancer during exploratory surgery.  We opted to not wake him up.

I feel such guilt that he didn’t spend his last days at home.  I was sure he was coming home the next week.  I never told him goodbye.

Was he well taken care of?  Was he scared?

Please tell him I am so sorry I wasn’t with him for his last days, and I love him very much.  He will always be my sweet boy.  I also feel his presence often.  Does he understand why I don’t pet him?


Dear Jennifer,

All souls return home to heaven, and I can tell you (because I’m here!) that you are never alone. 

As I’m chatting with your beautiful Barney now, what a sweet soul he is!  He wants you to know there are no goodbyes and no separation from you.

When he left his physical body, his soul came out, and he was right there with you.  The physical body is just the vehicle we all travel in.  And when it’s not working for us or it’s worn out, the soul leaves the body.  Then, we’re in our light energy body.  No more pain, and we can move freely. 

When he left his body, he could only feel the wonderful peace and love, and he had no fear.  That’s what he’s telling me right now.  He also knows and is very happy that you feel his presence when he’s around you.  Now he can travel anywhere you go too!. To restaurants… in the car… and he loves it because he doesn’t have to stay home anymore.

He feels you embrace him and kiss him with your heart.  He tells me that feels the same as when you used to pet him. 

We all travel back home to the spiritual realm, and when it’s your time, he will be waiting to greet your beautiful soul.  And in the meantime, you will feel and sense him around you.

Love and Woof, Woof!



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