Stocking Stuffers to Swoon Over



When it comes to what to put in our loved ones’ stockings, may we suggest a puppy (a la above) and A Letter to My Dog, now available online. As for our four-legged loved ones, also easy! We’ve rounded up gifts that will have them as excited as Riley the Dachshund (a must-watch).


Pugz Dog Ugzz – For the consummate snowpuppy, these booties keep their little paws warm while they are frolicking in the snow.






Doggie Cigars – For the distinguished pooch who would enjoy a cigar and a scotch on the rocks by the fire if he could, these solid rope fetch toys by Loopies are apt. They are durable, fun and healthy to boot.





Gourmet Tails – For the sweet-minded pooch who wants in on the crazy cupcake trend, these vanilla cupcake shaped cookies will do the trick.






Argyle Mode Puppia Dog Vest Harness – For the dog who likes to steal the show at the park, this posh Puppia classic is a shoe-in.






Planet Dog Whistle Dog Toy – For the nightowl who would hit the club if he could, this is a fun and interactive toy that will keep him entertained into the wee hours with its glow in the dark feature.






We’re on the look out for even more gift ideas so send us yours by email (, Instagram or Twitter: #doggifts. And check out our Pinterest Board for more ideas and a fews pictures that are sure to make you melt.



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