To My Precious Angel Sadie,

To My Precious Angel Sadie,

I cannot believe how quickly the last 10 years have passed us by. You were my heart, and my best friend from the moment you came into my life. You followed me everywhere, and provided rays of sunshine on the days I was sad.

You didn’t know you were a dog, you only knew you were the center of my universe! You sweetly demanded attention with your cute requests for belly rubs, sticking your tongue out and being the family “taste tester” when I wasn’t looking!

Just last March you were diagnosed with diabetes and cushing’s disease. It was the worst week of my life. I vowed to spend any amount of money needed to keep you well, and prevent you from suffering. You were a trooper! You overcame many setbacks and continued to bless my life.

Just after Thanksgiving, your health took a turn for the worse and I knew I had to say good bye. There was the shadow of a heart on the ceiling above your head, and I knew you were telling me you were hurting. I took you to the vet to see if there was anything left they could do. Sadly, there wasn’t. I held you and kissed you and told you all my favorite memories of our time together. You were so special and so loved by many! You changed my life and I’m so grateful for the blessings you provided. I know that you are waiting for me on the Rainbow Bridge and I can’t wait for the day to see your little punkin’ face again! I love you baby Sadie!

Breed: Yorkie


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