My sweet little girl blue,

Just beginning to write this my eyes are once again filled with tears. It’s been a month, and the ache has not faded, not a single day has passed where the thought of you has not brought me to tears. I haven’t put away any of your things, I can’t imagine ever being ready to say goodbye mabye this will help. Everybody told me I should get a puppy, I knew better… Adopting you was the best decision we’ve made so far. You have gotten us through some of life’s most heartbreaking moments, and yet it seemed like just having you around somehow made it easier to handle. Your unconditional love, is the ultimate symbol of loyalty, innocence and true friendship. You were also there for the good times, everyone said you can’t move to Italy with your dog.

We said, “would you leave your child the next you move?” I’m so happy you were there. Waking up at 6:00 am, getting on the bus to take you to the park because our princess doesn’t go to the bathroom on the leash. Dad holding a big doberman for hours on the trains just so you’d be more “comfy”. It was all worth it. Thank you for making every happy moment even richer. I hope in some small way my dedication to giving you the most loving, interesting, active dog life, full of adventure, expressed my gratitude for what you did for us. Mila, my heart is broken, I’m so sorry you didnt get the long life you so deserved.  While right now it feels empty without you, I know our beautiful memories of you will bring us comfort. You will forever be my best and truest friend. Not all things in life turn out exactly as one hopes and imagines, but you my sweet dog did. In fact you were even better. So, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you my little dog Blue.

We Love you more than you’ll ever know,




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