My Dearest Shadow,

When I first met you you were a squirmy little puppy that used to come visit me with you former owner. She was always trying to get me to let you live here but I was very firm with a “No!”
My thought were WHY would I want to have to be responable for yet another mouth to feed or to put my life on hold just because your situation wasn’t the best.
I got to know you over the months and then a year and would take you for a break from your home life as I could tell how happy you were and I felt I was doing my part to help out your owner.
The summer came and the fun we had playing water games with the hose and going to the dog park so you could run around and get your doggy on.
When at last your home life became dangerous I couldn’t let you live there any longer so I invited you to come live with your adopted family which now has become your forever home.
You see by letting you into my closed up heart I now realize you have taught me some interesting life lesson but the most important one is this….Sometimes the best gifts in life aren’t wrapped up with a pretty bow but come with a black tail and wet nose.
Love Mom
Breed: Lab/mix?


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