Dear Karma,

We are so lucky to have your “Karmie”! You fill our lives with such joy! You might not remember, but when we went to the shelter – we weren’t sure who we’d find. You probably didn’t even know what was going on. Maybe you don’t know this story, but we went to the shelter and didn’t really find our ‘true match’. They shelter attendent said that another dog was being dropped off very shortly. This was you! We played with you in the little room, and instantly fell in love with you…so skinny and shy. So, you didn’t even have to stay in the shelter that night – you got to come home and sleep in our comfy bed. What a sweet new little friend we had made. I love all your fun little tricks you do. You make us so proud!

Love you “K-dog”

Breed: Rat Terrier


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