How can we stop Miles from being Leash-Aggressive?

Hi Louis and Sonya,

We have a 6-year-old yellow Lab named Miles. We rescued him from a horrible house when he was 1-year-old. He is such a great dog. We have 2 boys, and he is great with them.

Our only problem is that when we take him on a walk, and run into another dog, he gets very aggressive. He is 105 pounds and is hard to control.  He will jump, bark, growl and will bite anything close to him. We have to walk him with a muzzle on in order to keep ourselves and other dogs safe.

We have another dog, Georgia, and he will lash out at whatever is closest to him, even her — his buddy.

I want to understand why he does this, and what we can do to change this?  I have worked with several dog trainers and none of them have been able to help. I also volunteer for a dog rescue and we foster dogs. It makes it really hard to help other dogs when Miles has a lot of leash aggression issues. I have to do separate walks with the dogs.

He is such a sweet dog and would be the perfect boy if we could get his leash issues fixed.

Please, please help us.


Angie and Erik

Dear Angie and Erik,

How smart you are to walk Miles in a muzzle!  He loves his family very much, and he tells me he is the perfect family dog. 

You do, fortunately, know his background and how he suffered in the past.  Sometimes, the past is hard to shake no matter how much you are loved now.  I would advise you to continue to walk him alone, without the other dogs. 

I would also definitely get him a ThunderShirt.  This works with any anxiety or fear and really helps to calm dogs down.  When you fit this, make sure it hit hugs his body.  I have known this to work on dogs that have aggression.

I would also advise you to purchase some Rescue Remedy – it’s a natural product that helps to calm animals down and people too.  Give him a few drops orally, and then rub it on his head and his ears when he is aggressive.

Good luck!

Love and Woof, Woof!

Louis and Sonya


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