Doggie Travel Tips for the Holidays

Ah the holidays! If you’re like us, you’re on the go more than ever over the next week…and bringing your dog with you.

Here are a few top tips we sourced on traveling with your dog over the holidays.


1. Behold the Power of the Crate: Experts unanimously agree that crates are the safest way to protect your dog while traveling. Choose one that is large enough for your dog to stand, turn and lie down in. If you are just introducing your dog to the crate for travel purposes, feed him in it a few times before putting him in it for travel. This way he makes positive associations between the crate, food and safety!




2. Emphasize Exercise: Even just 15-20 minutes of exercise is essential to keeping your dog happy and reducing his anxiety before a trip so be sure to give him as much of a workout as possible before hitting the road. This has the added bonus of ensuring you get some fresh air and move your legs yourself.





3. Make a Good Goody Bag: His favorite toys, bones and treats will go a long way in making him feel that this whole “I’m confined and going to a new environment” is a good thing.





4. Do a Bit of Homework on Local Dog Doctors: Between new people and places, holiday decorations, foods and cocktails, dogs’ health and well-being are more at risk during this time of year. When you’re traveling to a new environment, knowing who to call if something goes wrong can put your mind at ease. You can find a list by locale here


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