Dear Mimi,

I want to write you this letter so I can share with everyone how precious you are to me. You and I have been together for over a year now and it’s probably been the most rewarding and challenging relationship I have ever had with an animal.

You came to me as just another foster, a dog that was hopeless, very sad and extremely hand shy to any and all attempts to even touch you. The day the rescue called me about you, I was having a not so good day and had my hands really full with my resident Golden Retriever, Tank, (which now of course is your big brother) who has seizures that are almost unbearable to witness. My first thought when they called needing my help was ‘I can’t do this right now’ ‘I don’t have the time to give right now’ and so on. I hung up the phone after telling them I could not help…something or someone spoke to me and said, “you need to go get that dog, she needs you, at least short term.” I immediately called them back and asked where I needed to go to pick you up. They told me you were at a shelter 70 miles from my home and explained that you had been there for 6 months and your time was up…I jumped in my car and drove frantically to a rural high kill shelter in the middle of nowhere to claim you and let you know that someone wanted you. My house was already full of fur babies and I knew my husband (now your dad) would not be able to tolerate another dog so I at least wanted to foster you until you found a forever home.

That first night was really rough…You were very sick with heartworms and intestinal worms but I believe your soul was in worse shape than your body. You were broken…I could not even touch you without you running from me and hanging your head down like you were about to be beaten…It broke my heart to know that someone was mean to you. As the days went by, you were unsure of everything. You would stand apart from the other dogs and just watch…you were probably wondering why they were so happy and what was the big deal about the endless kisses I frequently gave them throughout the day.

After your heartworm treatment started, I had to ensure that you had all your meds everyday which unfortunately involved opening your mouth and putting the pills down your throat. I only did it out of love and care. The second day of doing this I had the surprise of my life when I noticed you had no top teeth…After my shock, I took you straight to the vet. They said it looked like someone had kicked or punched you with something in the mouth. It had been that way for quite some time. At that moment I decided that I had to protect you and be sure that going forward, you had the life you deserved. The only way to ensure this was to adopt you. So I did, you didn’t even trust me and now I was your mom.

The months went by, you trusted me at times, your health was restored and you slowly warmed up to your fur siblings. Every day you would have little breakthroughs but then you would slide backwards and shy from everything…At times I would get frustrated with our progress but then I realized this might be as good as it gets..You didn’t come here with a biography and who knows what you have been were probably giving and trusting the most you were capable of. This was enough for me.

Today I can kiss your head, be silly with you, scratch your sweet belly and just love you. My ultimate goal would be just getting one little kiss from you but I will be patient and never forget how far you have come. I love all my dogs dearly but Mimi, you and I have a special bond because of your past (the terrible past that brought you to me) I hope we have many, many years together and I want you to know you’re my SPECIAL, LOVED, RESPECTED, ONE OF A KIND, WANTED girl
Mom loves you!

Breed: Golden Retriever


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