Dear Melo,

You are truly an angel that God made me pick you! You were in the corner by yourself with your head buried in the corner. You had a sister too, but I never saw a beagle like you. You had these adorable freckles on your snout and your legs and I picked you up and put your in the palms of my head on your back and you just peacefully snored…

You always brought so much joy to my life and was always there for me no matter what! The day I found out that you had a genetic form of glaucoma and was going to lose your eye sight I just didn’t know what to do. We found the best opthamologist for you and maintained your sight with surgery and medication for another 5 years. It didn’t matter what it cost, we wanted you to be okay.

You are 10 years old now and still the most perfect puppy ever and love running on the golf course where there is nothing for you to run into. No one even knows you can’t see…
I love you Melo as you bring so much unconditional love and joy to my life.
Breed: Lemon & White Beagle


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