Dear Daisy,

There was this mall that me, mom and dad would go a lot. In that mall, there was an animal shop, that used to have dogs near the windows, puppies. It was sad that they were in those tight spaces, but they always seemed so merry, I loved to watch them. Every time, I felt that maybe my friend was going to show up there, but although the dogs I saw during that year of waiting were so precious, they were not my best friend whom I longed for.

One day, there was this little golden doggie looking at me. I didn’t even asked mom, I rushed into the store and there were you. I put my hand near you and you sat on it, wagging your tail frantically and biting my fingers. We were old friends, I knew it, you knew it. My mom showed signs of wanting to leave, but I knew in my heart that not this time, I could not leave, my life would not be whole again if I left you there. Without even understanding what happened, my eyes poured tears with the thought of leaving you there, and mom understood, she saw it too. So, without any plan, without any notice, we were together again, to share this life as the best friends I am sure we always were.

Our life as been crazy, happy and so much fun. There was not one single moment we got tired or angry of each other. My life has been saved by your presence. You always loved us without a single moment of doubt. Even when brother was born, you were already two years old, you welcomed him with a lick on the face and became his guardian, not letting any dog get near him. When I cried, you sat by me. When you were hurt, I sat all night massaging and rubbing your belly, until you fell asleep. You are my best friend, the most precious friend I have.

When you started to get sick, I knew it. I told mom and the vet that you needed to do blood tests, I knew you had to do them. But they didn’t thought so, and I did not speak up. Two months later, on September, you almost died. But the first miracle was brought to us, and you survived. A couple of weeks ago things got worse again, and they said it would take a miracle for you to survive. I asked you that if you still had strength to do that, I would want to be with you just a little more. And so you did, again.

I know that this miracle time is short, and you keep getting worse again. I cherish every minute we have together, I stay by you everyday, all the time. We still laugh, and I can still give you all my love, and hope you know what you mean to me. I will let you go when you are ready, with the feeling that you are the most precious gift I’ve had the blessing to have. I will accompany you until you go to the place where you will wait for me. And one day, you will listen to my voice saying your name again, maybe singing a song. And we will go to that beach where it always snows and the sky is so clean that you can see all the stars that ever were. And we will stay there, holding each other, until the time comes when we will have new adventures together.

I know we will always be together, we always were. But it pains me so much that I will still have a lifetime without you by my side, although I know you will be, from the other side. I hope you always feel my love. And maybe, from time to time, you can sit by me, just like I’m used to sit by you, and we will know that no matter how much times passes, nothing will ever change.

“My dearest friend, if you don’t mind…I’d like to join you by your side…Where we can gaze into the stars. And sit together, now and forever…For it is clear, as any one can see, we’re simply meant to be..”

I love you, Daisy.
Breed: Cocker Spaniel


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