Dear Acea (my big girl/my sweet little brat),


I adopted you in March 2011 to keep my male dog Maximus company and to give another dog (you) a chance at life. That day i walked into the shelter i fell in love. You were so scared and hid underneath the chair but you were so sweet. i adopted you that day! You had a questionable backgroud and your action led me to believe you abused, you were so afraid of everyone and winced everytime someone would walk bye, you tucked your tail between your legs and crouched down to the floor everytime someone would try to pet you. this broke my heart but you quickly warmed up just as i did with your big brother Maximus i cupped your sweet little face and promised you will always have a home with me here, you will always be loved and mommy would not let any one hurt you. it was a little rough at first, you ruined mommies carpet because you were nervouse and not potty trained yet (but we got over that) you got along great with your big brother now you two are inseprable, you bring such laughter into my life, your such a goof ball! and constantly keep me cranking up! i love have you always have love have kisses to give. you always make me laugh when you talk to me instead of bark! or when you think your being sneaky and try to sneak into the couch one paw at a time, just to fall asleep next to me or when you push me out of the way so you can cuddle with daddy on the couch (daddys girl) your my little comdian. i will never let you go.
Breed: German shep mix


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